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Kratom vs. CBD: Which one is better for you? (Part-II)

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In our last blog, we learned the basics of Kratom vs. CBD and discussed their effects in a detailed manner. So, now we will dive deeper into the details to understand how one is different from another and its effects on your body before you opt to buy Kratom capsules online. WHAT ARE THE ADVERSE […]

Kratom vs. CBD: Which one is better for you? (Part-I)


In our journey to bring you the best and most useful information for you about kratom, how can we forget about CBD? For long, CBD has been compared with kratom, and in this two-part blog, we will compare the two and help you understand which one is better for you. Which Is Better for You: […]

Kratom Tea – Everything Important you Need to Know About It


Kratom is widely used in the Southeast Asia regions where it comes from, as medicinal drink. In countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, kratom leaves are used to make tea. Fresh leaves are used to brew the tea and then it is used to cure symptoms like fatigue, headache, constipation and it’s also used as […]

How to Use Kratom Capsules for the Desired Results

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Kratom quickly made its presence felt among the users. It is native to Southeast Asia, but it’s now being extensively used in the West, especially in North America. It is legal as a supplement in certain states and people are using it for various recreational and medicinal purposes. It comes in many forms like power […]