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Online Kratom: Understanding the Chemistry of Kratom Alkaloids

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Kratom is an herb that has attracted the attention of healthcare regulators as well as the general public. However, it would be fun to know the exact phytochemistry of this South-Asian herb that has been notoriously controversial. So, if you are interested more in understanding this herb and its make, let us get straight to […]

Thailand Legalizes Kratom For All Purposes

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August 24th was a big day for Kratom users as it was legalized in Thailand. Although, it only happened in Thailand, the legalization of Kratom will have a huge impact on users from other countries too. It will open new opportunities and may help make Kratom legal in countries like USA. Thailand had legalized Kratom […]

Kratom Use in Southeast Asia Region

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The focus is on the use and impact of Kratom now that it has been legalized in Thailand. Thailand has become the first country to fully legalize Kratom use. It means Kratom can now be used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes in Thailand. The plant can be grown for personal and commercial purposes, […]

Types of Liquid Kratom You Can Buy Online

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Kratom is an evergreen tropical plant found in the Southeast Asia regions. It is known in these regions for its pain relief, energizing, and relaxing effects. It is available in powder, liquid, and capsules form. Other than that, you can also buy them in gummies and candy forms. When it comes to highly potent kratom, […]