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Kratom vs. Kanna: How are they different?

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In the past few years, the demand for kratom and kratom products has surely spiked up. However, most kratom users tend to get confused with Kanna. The confusion is obvious as they are both known to provide similar benefits and effects. If you are someone who plans to buy liquid Kratom soon but doesn’t know […]

The Importance of Buying Clean Kratom Extract Product

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Kratom is extracted from the kratom plant and comes in various forms, such as loose powder, capsules and liquid form. They are also found in loose leaf form. No matter what type of kratom product you buy, it’s important that it’s clean. Kratom popularity has increased and so have its suppliers. But this has also […]

Kratom vs. CBD: Decoding the Differences (Part-II)

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In our last blog, we learned the basics of Kratom vs. CBD and discussed their constituents in a detailed manner. So, now we will dive deeper into the details to understand how one is different from another and its effects on your body before you opt to buy Kratom capsules online. WHAT ARE THE ADVERSE […]

Kratom vs. CBD: Decoding the Differences (Part-I)


In our journey to bring you the best and most useful information for you about kratom, how can we forget about CBD? For long, CBD has been compared with kratom, and in this two-part blog, we will compare the two and help you understand how they are different from one another. CBD vs. Kratom: Understanding […]

Kratom Tea – Everything Important you Need to Know About It


Kratom is widely found in the Southeast Asia region of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is used for making tea by brewing its leaves as kratom leaves are known by locals to possess relaxing, calming and energizing effects. And, it has gained a huge popularity in the west. You can easily buy kratom online, such […]

Comparing the Strains: Green Maeng Da vs. Red Maeng Da

Comparing the Strains: Green Maeng Da vs. Red Maeng Da

Kratom is grouped into three main groups: Green Maeng Da kratom, Red Maeng Da kratom, & White Maeng Da kratom, with several distinct strains within each. Let us explain the distinctions between kratom varieties. Yellow Vein & Gold Vein kratom has recently emerged on the marketplace, although they are fewer abundant than that of the […]

Treating Anxiety & Stress with Natural Teas


Herbal teas have always been used to treat conditions like stress and anxiety. They are both used for health benefits and for refreshing mood. The magic lies in the taste that immediately elevates the mood. Which is why, a majority of people like to start their day with a cup of tea. Herbal teas have […]

Kratom Powder Vs. Liquid Kratom – What you Need to Know

Kratom Powder Vs. Liquid Kratom – What you Need to Know

Kratom has gained a lot of popularity in North America as a supplement. Native to Southeast Asia, kratom is a plant akin to coffee plant species. It contains alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are responsible for creating all the effects kratom is known for. Due to effects like hallucination, and euphoria, it is considered as […]

What Makes Kratom Pills the Best Way of Ingesting for beginners

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Kratom has gained quite a popularity in recent decades. Used a medicinal brew in the Southeast Asia region, it is now widely used for various recreational purposes. From general pain relief to boosting energy to sleeping better, kratom is now used for various purposes. Some even use it as an opioid substitute. Kratom comes in […]

How to deal with stomach pain & digestive issues with the help of kratom?

How to deal with stomach pain & digestive issues with the help of kratom?

Stomach pain & digestive issues might be debilitating & it’s important to intervene with an all-natural remedy. This is where kratom steps into capsule form as it is able to provide a long-butt of advantages. Not only in capsule form, kratom as well helps in its liquid form & that’s why it’s also preferable to buy […]