Comparing the Strains: Green Maeng Da vs. Red Maeng Da

Comparing the Strains: Green Maeng Da vs. Red Maeng Da

Kratom is grouped into three main groups: Green Maeng Da kratom, Red Maeng Da kratom, & White Maeng Da kratom, with several distinct strains within each. Let us explain the distinctions between kratom varieties.

Yellow Vein & Gold Vein kratom has recently emerged on the marketplace, although they are fewer abundant than that of the 3 main types of kratom. You may also be curious what the various colors of kratom represent. We will go over it here.

The variation in the colors & symptoms of kratom types is due to the maturity of a plant. White Maeng Da kratom is indeed a youthful plant, Green Maeng Da kratom is indeed a progressing plant, & Red Maeng Da kratom is developed fully.

Various kratom strains have various effects. Different amounts of alkaloids accumulate within the leaf of a matured kratom plant. The various alkaloids present to influence the effect of the kratom, granting the veins their distinct properties.

What exactly is Maeng Da?

Maeng Da is indeed a type of kratom that comes in three varieties: white, red, & green. Maeng Da kratom was initially cultivated in Thailand, and it is now available from several sources.

Basically, ‘Maeng Da’ is a word for consistency. The word translates roughly to “pimp category” in Thai, signifying high quality. The word is used to relate to kratom with such a strong alkaloid content about the fact that kratom has expanded beyond Southeast Asia.

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Green Maeng Da vs. Red Maeng Da: Name & History

At first sight, it can seem that all kratom is the same. Both kratom varieties, after all, were extracted from the plants of the very same species, Mitragyna speciosa.

However, consumer reports indicate that the properties of kratom can differ from brand to brand. These perceived differences appear to be caused by a number of reasons, including cultivation area, season, & post-harvest handling techniques. Consequently, kratom vendors & consumers started to differentiate between kratom strains by using distinct strain names.

The sources of a Maeng Da strain’s identity have been extensively debated. Maeng Da is indeed a Thai word that means “updated” or “enhanced” in English. As a consequence, some kratom sellers & consumers believe the strain title relates to its potency.

Despite the fact that Maeng Da is indeed a Thai word, the majority of Maeng Da kratom has most likely been shipped from Indonesia. Thailand’s government made kratom production unlawful in 1943 & listed the drug mostly as narcotic in 1979, rendering it impossible to cultivate Maeng Da kratom throughout Thailand. The country’s government only recently legalized the plant’s medical use in 2018.

Green Maeng Da vs. Red Maeng Da: Effects

There are significant variations between red & green kratom strains & Green Maeng Da & Red Maeng Da appear to be no different.

Despite its contradictory nature, most users define Red Maeng Da as both exciting & calming. The strain’s symptoms appear to be calming at first before becoming much more sedating over time. Red Maeng Da can also be euphoric, which means it may improve one’s mood. Its symptoms appear to last greater than normal, with moderate doses remaining up to four to five hours.

On the other hand, Green Maeng Da is commonly characterized as extremely relaxing & mildly euphoric. Green Maeng Da will boost mood & energy, particularly in low-to-moderate concentrations. It appears to have an above-average period of impact, similar to Red Maeng Da.


Green Maeng Da vs. Red Maeng Da: Which is Better?

Remember your tastes when determining which strains are best for you.

Red Maeng Da tends to have both relief & excitement, allowing it a more “balanced” trait than Green Maeng Da. It appears to be more calming than Green Maeng Da but also could be less stimulating & mood-boosting.

Green Maeng Da, on the other hand, appears to be significantly more calming & euphoric, unlike Red Maeng Da. The energizing nature may make it perfect as just a daytime efficiency burden, but it is less ideal among users looking to unwind, mostly in the evenings.

As a consequence, Red Maeng Da appears to be a good choice for a calming & healthy strain, while Green Maeng Da is probably a better option for energy & efficiency.


While Green Maeng Da & Red Maeng Da are well-known kratom strains, but they are not competitors. Both strains appear to thrive in different fields, so contrasting them comes down to personal choice. If you want to unwind & relax, Red Maeng Da could be a wiser choice. Green Maeng Da, on the other hand, might be the new favorite for just a midday energy boost.

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