Kratom: How Long Does It Last In Your Body?

Kratom: How Long Does It Last In Your Body?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to kratom use is how long it lasts in your body. This question has been asked by many and surely for a very good reason. When using it for the long term, it is important for one to understand its effects in your body and how likely it is to stay within your body.

So, the next time you plan to buy kratom capsules, here is everything you need to know about its longevity inside your body.

Kratom’s Dose-Dependent Effects & Duration

Kratom users that take in this herb on a regular basis would most likely be enlightened of the fact that the effects of kratom are mostly dose-dependent. This means that kratom’s microdose would have a different effect than the small dose or the high dose of the same.

It is mostly the matter of your body chemistry and the way it reacts with the ingredients present in kratom capsules online. When using kratom, the right dosage is your first goal. Now, keep in mind that kratom doesn’t react the same way for everyone.

While a pinch might show a significant effect on you, it might not react in a way similar to the way it reacts on someone who has taken up a similar amount. In this case, body chemistry is what matters.

The Half-Life of Kratom

Whenever one ingests any substance such as kratom or caffeine that is known to affect your body’s overall physiology, it surely doesn’t stay around forever. With time, the body tends to process these substances while absorbing some & excreting the remaining.

In the scientific fraternity, this process is measured by the term known as “half-life.” Now, this is actually the time that is required by your body to process about half of the substance that is present within your body.

The longer this substance’s half-life is, the longer the effects are bound to last. As per a study conducted in the year 2015, it was confirmed that kratom’s half-life is about 24 hours or less. This means, if you happen to take a gram worth of kratom on Monday at noon, you are most likely to have about ½ of it still present in your system by Tuesday noon.

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So, does that mean that kratom’s effects tend to last for more than a day? Well, this might not be the case. Let us describe this more by taking the example of coffee, the close cousin of kratom. When you consume your morning coffee, the caffeine starts working within your body.

The prime effect of coffee is to help you step-up and attain the much-needed energy for getting through the day. Of course, you would have used coffee and would understand that it tends to work in a quick manner while fading out in fast stead after the cup is gone.

The answer to this is precisely similar to why kratom doesn’t last for a term beyond a day. However, coffee has a half-life of 6 hours, the effect peaks in a time frame of 45 minutes post-consumption while fading away gradually.

Kratom: How long it actually lasts?

Based on the example of caffeine we studied above, it could be estimated that the peak effect of kratom would last around 4 times that of caffeine. So, in case caffeine tends to last around 45 minutes, it could be estimated that the peak effect of kratom would last about 3 or more hours.

Also, keep in mind that the effects of kratom would last post the completion of its peak time.


To sum it up, the effect of kratom in your body would depend on factors such as physiology & size of the dosage, and so much more. When talking about an average number, it comes down to 3 hours in general, followed by a gradual fading.

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