Kratom Tea – Everything Important you Need to Know About It


Kratom is widely found in the Southeast Asia region of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is used for making tea by brewing its leaves as kratom leaves are known by locals to possess relaxing, calming and energizing effects. And, it has gained a huge popularity in the west. You can easily buy kratom online, such as powder and capsules.

Kratom is a relatively new substance and it still needs approval for use. Nevertheless, many users have reported to have benefited from it. Kratom tea is a popular word that is often used to describe the brew. If you are interested to know more about kratom tea, you are in the right place.

Here is everything important you need to know about kratom and kratom tea.

What is kratom tea?

Kratom comes from a plant group that is very similar to coffee plants. They are also known as Mitragyna speciosa. Leaves are used for brewing tea. But in the west, kratom mostly comes in the form of power and liquid like tinctures. You can use the powder to prepare tea, coffee or any beverage. Kratom is often used as a supplement for making energizing tea. It is very similar to green or black tea.

Kratom leaves have a very bitter taste and a very earthy aroma. Making kratom tea is easy and takes a few minutes. All you need is kratom powder or tincture. You can buy high-quality kratom online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Kratom tea is prepared by boiling the leaves or powder in water and letting it sip for a couple of minutes along with other teas like green, black, white, oolong, or herbal teas. It can add a flavor to the tea.

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What are the Effects of Kratom Tea?

Kratom is known to possess two types of alkaloids, – mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. It is widely believed that kratom has opioid-like effects, which is why its consumption is restricted.

Kratom leaves are first dried and then ground to make the powder. The powdered form of kratom contains mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These compounds are known for their stimulating effects. They can react with the brain receptors and act like opioids. They are not opioids in the real sense, but they do have similar effects.

Difference Between Kratom Tea and Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is more potent than kratom tea as it contains a higher percentage of alkaloids in it. Tea is made using the powder and it is a simple tea like any other tea. Even though both kratom tea and extract are liquid kratom, they are very different.

Liquid kratom is an extract like tincture where alkaloids are extracted into an alcohol-based solvent. Liquid kratom is also extracted using kratom powder. It is first boiled and then liquid is separated from solid. The liquid extracted is again simmered until a thick paste-like substance is created. It is then dried and made into powder or mixed with water to make liquid kratom.

Not all Kratom are the Same

It is important to note that not all kratom leaves are the same. The effects may vary depending on the region they come from. For instance, kratom leaves from Thailand have a higher percentage of mitragynine than kratom leaves from Malaysia.

Most of the popular kratom strains come from Thailand and Malaysia. Kratom is broadly divided into three strains – Red, White and Green. They are also known as Maeng Da, meaning “pimp grade” or highest quality. In these countries, Kratom is considered a narcotic drug and there are restrictions on its growth and processing.

But things are changing for the kratom plant. In Thailand, the government has legalized the production, possession, and use of Kratom for medical purposes in 2019. But there are still strict rules, such as the producers needing a license to export and import kratom. And, users need prescriptions to use kratom, especially when it comes to Kratom-based medication.

The Bottom-line

Kratom tea is made using kratom powder. Although you cannot buy kratom tea directly, you can buy kratom powder. You can easily buy high-quality kratom online and get it delivered. But make sure that you are only buying high-quality kratom from a reliable seller online. It offers a wide range of effects and is known for its energizing and calming effects.

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